more than just another platform


Build and grow your communities stronger by involving your members and giving them opportunities to connect, trust, share and participate. The ThreeAndMore platform allows you to build a community within your community. With tools such as messaging and events organization, you can be truly interactive and engage your members.


Spend less time managing your community. Benefit from our cloud-based solution, accessible anywhere anytime, that centralizes and automates your member processes. Enjoy our ‘social as a service’ platform which includes member management tools such as member profiles, communication, fees and payments, meetings, events and activities.


Engage your members within your community and create a stronger sustainable relationship on the long-term. Not only between the organization and the members, but equally amongst fellow members. Available on both web and mobile, ThreeAndMore offers intuitive community management tools, where the member can easily manage his or her profile, activities, payments etc… within each community. The member can also easily create new informal groups with other fellow members or friends.

ThreeAndMore gives you more…

more community
ThreeAndMore offers a single platform that combines all tools you need to both manage and engage with all your communities: both from an administrator and a member’s point of view.
more context
We all combine multiple ‘personalities’ in multiple social contexts (e.g. at work, with family, at the gym…). ThreeAndMore supports these different contexts and lets you maintain separate private relationships with each of your communities.
more privacy
ThreeAndMore leaves the key to data ownership where it belongs. As a member, you remain in full control of what data you provide and what you share where and when with whom.