Our privacy statement.

We consider the protection of your personal privacy extremely important. Hence we wish to inform and respect you, as member and user of the platform, as much as possible, and give you as much control as possible about what happens with your personal data.

ThreeAndMore's privacy statement.

This Privacy Statement is applicable to the website of www.ThreeAndMore.com (“Website”), exploited by ThreeAndMore NV, having its registered office in Belgium, Frans Van Haelenstraat 15, 2880 Bornem, Belgium, and registered in the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0540.832.606 (“ThreeAndMore”).

ThreeAndMore considers the protection of the personal privacy extremely important. ThreeAndMore wishes to inform and respect you, as member and user of the Website, as much as possible, and give you as much control as possible about what happens with your personal data.
Your personal data and your privacy are protected by ThreeAndMore in conformance with the Belgian and European law regarding the protection of privacy. A statement was delivered to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy with regard to the processing of your personal data.
This Privacy Statement is a part of the General Terms and Conditions of ThreeAndMore, and has to be read carefully. This Statement does not only describe your rights, but also the ways in which you can exercise these rights.
By using the website and providing your personal data, you explicitly agree with the way in which your personal data is collected and processed, as described in this Privacy Statement.

1.    What data is collected and processed?
1.1. ThreeAndMore processes several types of personal data (“Information”), dependent on the services you use on the Website:
a) Public information: a.o. profile information, photos, messages that you sent to other users, etc.;
b) Personal information: a.o. name, residence, e-mail address, administrative data, user name, password, persona settings etc.;
c) Technical information: a.o. computer data, phones and other devices on which you use the Website, your IP-address etc.;
d) History and logs: a.o. search commands that you executed on the Website, dates and times of all the pages you visited on ThreeAndMore etc..
1.2. Both during and after your registration, you can provide more information about your name, e-mail address, sex, date of birth, location and other personal data. You can change all profile data at any time.
1.3. If you prefer to add additional personal information to your profile, you give us explicit approval to use this additional information in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

2.    What are this data used for?
2.1. ThreeAndMore uses your personal data for multiple purposes.
2.2. ThreeAndMore uses your personal data to effectively publish the information you want to make public in accordance with your personal settings.
2.3. Additionally, ThreeAndMore uses your personal data to:
a) enable you to use the Website correctly in accordance with your personal settings;
b) manage a generic member file;
c) communicate with you about the Website and related products and services;
d) show you personal advertisement;
e) generate anonymous statistics about (the users of) the Website;
f) improve the Website or provide statistical information to third parties;
g) register you and show your profile to other social websites that are owned by ThreeAndMore or companies related to ThreeAndMore;
h) where appropriate integrate your profile with social media with which ThreeAndMore has specific arrangements, with your profile at ThreeAndMore.
2.4. By registering yourself on this Website, you accept that your personal data and other information that you provide, inclusive of sensitive personal information, may be available outside Belgium. In this context, it is possible that the legislation of non-European countries guarantees less strict protection of your personal data.

3.    Sharing of personal data
3.1. Third parties have access to all information that you publish yourself, and this under the conditions defined within your personal settings.
3.2. To avoid receiving unsolicited e-mail messages from third parties, your e-mail address is not shared with third parties, except in the cases mentioned in article 12.
3.3. Statistical and anonymous information can be shared for marketing and/or promotion purposes, in order for ThreeAndMore to show you personalized promotions or advertising.
3.4.  Without your explicit consent, ThreeAndMore will not share with third parties any personal data that can be used to identify you, except when required for the operation of the Website and in the cases mentioned in article 12.

4.    Cookies
4.1. The Website uses cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information that are constructed by a program on the server of the Website, and afterwards is stored on the hard disk of your computer.
4.2. The Website uses cookies to identify you as a user of the Website, to remember your preferred language and to facilitate your navigation on the Website. By using cookies, we avoid you have to continuously identify yourself for personalized services by typing in your username and password. The use of cookies is generically accepted by users of the Internet.
4.3. Following cookies are being stored when you visit our Website:
– TnetID
– pwf, pwl, ct, tti, pti, prolong
– tc, LastVisit, SessionTime, pl
– tracker, channel, klipklapcookie
– __utma, __utmb, __utmc en andere __utm-cookies
If you notice that other cookies are being stored via our Website, we thank you for warning us immediately, in order for us to make the right adjustments.
4.4. By changing the settings of your Internet browser, you can receive notifications each time cookies are being sent, or even avoid cookies to be constructed or stored on your computer’s hard drive. However, ThreeAndMore cannot guarantee the access and operation of the Website if the storage of cookies is disabled by your Internet browser.

5.    Google Analytics
5.1. This Website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service offered by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how users use the Website.
5.2. The information retrieved from your use of the Website, such as your IP-address, is being transmitted to Google and stored by Google on their servers. Google uses this information to track how you use the Website, to elaborate reports for us about our Website and to provide their advertisers information about the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google can provide this information to third parties if Google is legally bound to, or for as far as these third parties process this information on Google’s behalf.
5.3. Google will not combine your IP-address with other data that Google has. You can deny the use of cookies in the settings of your Internet browser. In that case, it might be that you are not able to use all the potential of the Website. By using this Website, you approve the processing of the information by Google in the way and for the goals described above.

6.    Retention period and location of personal data
6.1. ThreeAndMore applies the following retention period of your personal data:
a) public and personal information: retention period of maximum six (6) months after the deletion of the specific information or the complete deletion of your user account;
b) history and logs: retention period of maximum six (6) months as of the creation of the item or the log;
c) cookies: retention period of maximum one hundred (100) days as of the creation of the cookie(s).
6.2. Your personal data is stored within the EU.

7.    Security measures
7.1. ThreeAndMore has established several security measures to avoid the loss, wrong use or alteration of your personal data. To do so, ThreeAndMore uses a team of technicians, advanced systems and advanced technologies such as coding and computer languages.
7.2. ThreeAndMore does all necessary efforts to protect the confidentiality of your personal data.
7.3 In no event will ThreeAndMore be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages that result from a wrongful or illicit use of the personal data by a third party.

8.    Your rights
8.1. You will be able to access your personal data at all times. You can also have your personal data improved or adjusted if required. In most cases, however, you are able to change your data yourself via your personal settings.
8.2. You can send an e-mail to support@3nm.com under the condition of attaching a copy of your ID.

9.    Your password
9.1. Your password is strictly personal and must not be shared with third parties.
9.2. Your password can be changed via your personal settings. It is advisable to change your password on a regular basis. A safe password reduces the chance third parties can gain access to your user account.

10.  Import contacts
10.1. ThreeAndMore offers her users a simple tool to invite contacts to register on ThreeAndMore. If you import these contacts via the Website, you confirm that these people have given you their consent to do so, and that an e-mail can be sent to these people containing an automatic invitation and reminder.
10.2. ThreeAndMore stores the data of these contacts only to automatically connect you with them upon their registration.
10.3. ThreeAndMore does not sell any e-mail addresses of your imported contacts and only uses them to send invitations.

11.  Changes to this Privacy Statement
11.1. This Privacy Statement may be changed at any time.
11.2. Changes are published on the Website, as to keep you updated at all times on the information we collect, how we use and in what way we share that information.
11.3. Changed versions of this Privacy Statement take effect ten (10) days after the publication thereof on the Website.

12.  Approval for release
12.1 You acknowledge and explicitly give permission to ThreeAndMore to disclose your Information if required by law, or if ThreeAndMore in good faith beliefs that such an action is necessary to
- comply to an active legal procedure, court order or legal process with regard to the Website;
- enforce the General Terms and Conditions of ThreeAndMore;
- react to damage claims against ThreeAndMore in relation with your Information infringing the rights of third parties; - safeguard the rights, title and security of ThreeAndMore, her staff and employees, users and the public.
12.2 ThreeAndMore may also publish Information about you to the police, legal authorities or any other official government department, if ThreeAndMore in good faith beliefs this to be required or useful, in relation to a fraud investigation, intellectual property violation, or any other damaging action, or if ThreeAndMore may reasonably suspect such an action could expose either ThreeAndMore or yourself to liability.

13.  Legislation and competent courts
13.1. This Privacy Statement is governed, interpreted and implemented in accordance with Belgian law, which exclusively applies in case of a potential dispute.
13.2. The courts of the legal district of Antwerp, department Antwerp, are exclusively competent to rule on each and every dispute that may derive from the interpretation or from the implementation of this Privacy Statement.