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At ThreeAndMore, we believe everyone has the right to live their community life in a world where control over personal data and content is guaranteed.

Our platform is free to be used by anyone. You can create an unlimited number of communities, members, messages, fees and activities for your registered members.

Unlimited #
of communities
Unlimited #
of members
Unlimited #
of messages
Unlimited #
of activities
Unlimited #
of fees
2gb file

Module extensions. ThreeAndMore offers specific module extensions that allows you to further manage your organization, build your community and enhance the engagement from all your stakeholders, including members, fans, local sponsors, etc. You'll find a list of our extensions below, and more are being developed

Send messages, activities and payment requests to non-registered members.
500 emails free

10,000 emails

for 23.99€

Extend your storage capacity and store or share any file, video or photo.
50 gb for 44.99€/year

Accept payments from PayPal and credit cards from all your members globally.
set-up fee 0.99€
(one time)
transaction fee
PayPal cost + 0.25€

Accept payments from all Belgian banks, straight to your own bank account.
set-up fee 0.99€
(one time) (excl VAT)
transaction fee
Payconiq cost + 0.25€
(excl VAT)

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