ThreeAndMore offers your organization a closed group environment with integrated administration, organization and communication tools for both administrators and members.

Your private network.

On ThreeAndMore, you have a personalized environment for each of your organizations. Within each of these environments, you have all the functionalities to efficiently and productively manage your club, communicate with your members, organize activities, manage and share documents, collect payments, etc.

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Members and groups.

The member module allows you to adjust your community platform to the exact specifications of your organization. You can assign different privileges to various members, and structure your members in specific groups to easily organize your communication, activities, payment requests. New member registrations can be fully automated as well as the collection of member information.

Calendar and activities.

Easily create and manage private or public events from one central location, and invite the entire community or specific groups or members. The ‘limited seats’ and ‘waiting list’ option allows you to automatically manage limited registrations. You can select the ticket option to allow physical evidence of registration. Automatically collect payments for a paid activity through our fee and payments module.

Pages and galleries.

Customize your community page to reflect your club’s identity, and share all your core information with your members or the public. Uploading and sharing documents, pictures or videos with your community, specific groups or members, has never been easier. Upload files in the community gallery or share from your personal galleries, allowing you to keep full ownership and control.

Timeline and messages.

The timeline is your central point of information, with all updates, messages, invitations to events, payment requests etc. across all your communities or filtered per community. Take immediate action within your timeline, accepting an invitation to an activity, or execute the payment of your annual membership fee. You can also send/receive in-platform messages to/from your community or specific groups and members.

Fees and payments.

Managing fees and payments is essential for any club. ThreeAndMore allows you to fully automate the collection process for membership fees or activity registrations. You can easily create and manage different fees for specific events, and send payment requests to the entire community, or specific groups or members. If you activate the 3nm payment processing system, you can collect payments immediately through the platform.

Web and mobile.

All features are accessible via any Internet browser (except Internet Explorer) on your desktop or tablet, as well as through a free app, available for iOS and Android. With our intuitive app, your members are just a click away. Manage all your daily items, quickly send messages, upload and share pictures and videos, or invite members to a club activity. With all reactions of your members fully synchronized over all devices, you always have your association at the tip of your fingers, wherever you are.

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