Changing the community game.

It takes two to tango; it takes ThreeAndMore to create a tango community. Our mission is to help you focus on building your community and engage with your members while solving your daily administrative challenges.

ThreeAndMore's core principles.


You are social.

We are all part of multiple member organizations or communities, whether big or small, formal or informal, whether as administrator, member of fan.


You are contextual.

We all entertain different relationships with each of these organizations, both from a data as from a social point of view.


You are owner.

You, and you alone, are the sole owner and managers of our your data.

More community.

ThreeAndMore offers a single platform that combines all the tools you need to both manage and engage with all your communities.

More context.

ThreeAndMore supports all these contexts and lets you maintain separate private relationships with each of your communities.

More control.

ThreeAndMore leaves you in full control of what data you provide to which community, and what you share where and when with whom.

We are fully committed to transparency.

Privacy is dead. Or at least that is what many digital companies want us to believe. In this brave new open world we live in, our ability to quickly and seamlessly exchange digital information is continuously expanding. When we use apps on our mobile phones, browse websites on our laptops, make online purchases or just send email or text messages, we are sending digital information on where we are, what we do, what we like and thus essentially who we are. Many of the digital companies that adhere an ‘open’ world, use this data for their own profit. Their business model is to capture and sell your personal information to third parties. Their business model is the end of privacy.

For ThreeAndMore, privacy is not a thing of the past. Although we strongly support digital innovation and the benefits it brings to our lives, we equally believe that we all should be able to preserve our freedom and personal control over our own data flows. Committed to protect your digital privacy, we adhere to the principles of the new European General Data Protection Regulation, an essential step to strengthen citizens’ fundamental rights in the digital age. But privacy is not only a question of complying to regulatory frameworks.

Our digital future can only be built on your trust. And privacy is a critical element to build that trust. We refer to our Privacy Policy for further specific information.

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