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ThreeAndMore is a free platform for organizations, associations and clubs to manage their members, activities and communication more efficiently and more productively.

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Calendar and activities

Invite your members or specific member groups to your activities and events, and automatically collect entry fees.

Fees and payments

Automate your process for membership fees or activity registrations, and collect payments immediately through the platform.

Members and groups

Structure your members in specific groups to easily organize your communication, activities, payment requests, etc.

Pages and galleries

Upload and share information, documents, pictures or videos with your community, specific groups or members, or even the public.

Timeline and messages

All your messages, activity invitations and payment requests in one location, filtered per community.

Web and mobile

Easy access on your desktop, tablet or smartphone (iOS/Android). Your club at the tip of your fingers, wherever you are.

More community. More context. More control. ThreeAndMore offers a single platform that combines all the tools you need to both manage your community as an administrator and participate as a member or fan. Our multi-community context allows you to maintain multiple yet separate relationships with each of your communities, while remaining in full control of what data you provide and share with whom in what community.

More About Us

Privacy is key.

Our mission is to have your personal data work for you, not for us. Our key data principles have been specifically defined in line with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Within ThreeAndMore, the key to data ownership remains where it belongs: with you, the user.

A free platform. For real.

Privacy should not just be an option for those people or organizations that can afford it; it is a basic human right. That is why our platform is free to be used by anyone, to create an unlimited number of communities, members, messages, and activities.

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