it takes two to tango

it takes ThreeAndMore
to create a tango community

Tired of using a multitude of tools such as Facebook, Mail and Excel to manage your communities, organize events or engage with your fellow members and fans? ThreeAndMore is a free community platform that combines all the tools you need to build, manage and participate in your communities.

Members &
Structure your members in specific groups and assign different roles; automate the collection of member information, and the process of new member registrations.
Calendar &
Easily create and manage events with tools such as invitations, limited seating, waiting list, ticketing and automatic payment collection.
Pages &
Consult your administrator dashboard and customize your community page; upload and share documents with your community, specific groups or members.
Timeline &
Get a quick overview of all updates, all messages, invitations to events, payment requests etc. and take immediate actions.
Fees &
Fully automate the collection process for membership fees or activity registrations and get paid with the 3nm payment processing option.
Web &
Accessible via your desktop, tablet or mobile phone (iOS and Android), your community is just a click away, wherever you are.

ThreeAndMore, your community platform

more community
A single platform that combines all the tools you need to both manage your community as an admin and participate as a member or fan.
more context
Our multi-community context allows you to maintain separate private relationships with each or your communities.
more privacy
As a user, you remain in full control of what data you provide and what you share when with whom.
free for real


- number of communities

- number of members

- number of messages

- number of activities

- 2 Gb community file storage


+ extensions available

about us
At ThreeAndMore, we strongly believe communities are at the core of our society and everyone’s lives. Our mission is to help you focus on building your community and engage with your members, while solving your daily administrative challenges.